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Drone Training

In the last year, the drone industry has exploded. This has resulted in thousands pilots entering the industry and hundreds models of drone designed for commercial purposes.
Before UAVs were perceived by most people only as high-tech toys, now the situation has changed. Many of these devices are used for serious tasks: photo and video recording, monitoring various objects, mapping and 3D modelling, including the creation of digital terrain models, orthophotomaps and other topographic tasks.
Topodrone team designed the revolution upgrading kit that turns the most popular DJI PHANTOM 4PRO to a high efficient proffecional tool for UAV surveying and mapping
Understanding how important for our clients to have practical & theoretical knowledge of aerial survey and photogrammetry data processing, Topodrone has developed a course in which it is possible to obtain vital skills for UAV surveying with using DJI PHANTOM 4PRO PPK.
The course is a two-day intensive workshop designed to teach drone pilots how to collect, analyze and export high-quality drone mapping and modeling data. Topics include: aerial mapping use cases, fundamentals of drone image capture, techniques for capturing aerial data for mapping and ways to improve map accuracy and additionally we draw spatial attention to the following key points:
— Mission planning in different types of application (UGCS, MapPilot, etc)
— DJI PHANTOM 4PRO PPK preparation for the flight
— Setting up GNSS receiver as a base station, collecting ground check points
— Save fly skills with DJI PHANTOM 4PRO PPK
— Data processing (how to convert data to Rinex format, GNSS data postprocessing, embedding high accurate coordinated to photos, photogrammetry data processing by Photoscan, Pix4D, orthophoto and 3D model creation
After the training, drone pilots receive sufficient and necessary knowledge to independently perform precise aerial surveys, data processing and mapping with centimeter level accuracy without ground control points.
Training can take place either on the basis of our company, or with a visit to a customer site.
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